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Development Practitioner Seminar Series 2017

The DPS is a seminar series hosted by Graduate School during the spring semester. Development practitioners are invited to share their expertise and experiences from specific organisations and fields. Find out more about life after studies, build up your professional network, and link theory to practice!

May 10: Roi Silberberg, Peace Educator, Director of School of Peace – Neve Shalom, Founder and Co-Director of the Association for the Promotion of Spoken Arabic in Israel, Educator & Group Facilitator, The Association for Civil Rights in Israel

"Peace Education in a Conflictual Context". 

The seminar would focus on facilitating social change in a poisonous political environment. For the last 40 years, the School for Peace has been conducting dialogue meetings between Jews and Palestinians under the assumption that only honest and straight forward dialogue would change the relations between Jews and Palestinians. This challenge grows bigger as the political reality changes, and racism and mistrust grow stronger. In the last years we began to understand that dialogue is not enough. Every program that brings Jews and Palestinians together should also include a component of action - a joint initiative of the participants aimed at changing the social reality. Combining honest dialogue with a shared (Jewish-Palestinian) action is a challenging and sometimes contradicting attempt which yields surprising results.

Dr. Roi Silberberg is a political educator, working in the field of social change, peace education and inter-group dialogue in Israel/Palestine. He has been involved in this field since 2004 and experienced challenges, complexities, and even some successes.

Venue: House R115

Date and Time: May 10, 13.15-15

To attend this seminar, sign up here no later than May 8

Previous seminars (earlier during Spring 2017)


January 23: Matilda Flemming, Policy and Campaigns Officer, European Women's Lobby, UN, Brussels

"Credible Advocacy - connecting grassroots to international policymaking"

Matilda leads the European Women's Lobby's Women in Decision-making campaigns – aiming to put women at the heart of decision making in politics and business. Together with EWL members she designs EWL’s campaign for the 2019 European Parliament Elections. Before joining EWL, Matilda led the successful civil society campaign for UN Security Council Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security at UNOY Peacebuilders. She is a member of the UN Advisory Group of Experts for the Progress Study on Youth, Peace and Security. Matilda holds an MA in Development Studies - from the International Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, the Netherlands. She is originally Finnish, but have spent the last seven years in the Netherlands.

Matilda will talk about the UN-advocacy campaign she led, and about the role of European civil society in building a Europe that works for its citizens.  

Venue: M123 Time: 13.15-15 

To attend the seminar, sign up here no later than January 22nd. 

February 20: Nela Porobic, Project Coordinator, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Sarajevo


"Women, peace and security – a peek into practical experiences of activism for women’s rights and gender justice in conflict and post conflict countries"

Nela Porobic will, based on her current and previous experiences in the field of transitional justice, peace building, and women’s human rights, talk about her professional and personal experiences in engaging with women activists from Bosnia and Syria, as well as countries such as Ukraine and Iraq. She will talk about how women’s struggle to gain access “to the table” looks like beyond UN Security Council Resolutions on women, peace and security, and what it takes from the broad range of actors (civil society, governmental bodies, UN agencies, individual countries) to overcome the gap between the global aspirations to include women in peace building and the actual levels of inclusions of women.

Nela holds an MA in political science from University of Lund and has for past ten years worked with variety of international organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, from Office of the High Representative, to UN agencies such as UNDP and UNFPA. Her current work is with Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) where she works on feminist analysis of the Bosnian peace process and the outcomes of the different interventions as part of peacebuilding efforts. WILPF-led initiative in Bosnia, Women Organizing for Change (more info:, is conducted in partnership with local women organizations and activists. The outcomes of this work are continuously shared with women’s organizations in other post conflict and conflict countries.

To attend this seminar, sign up here no later than Feb 19.


March 27: Marie Bengtsson, Ph.D in Political Science from Lund University; Expert, Swedish Migration Agency, Section for Operational Control and Coordination National coordinator, Swedish National Contact Point to the European Migration Network; Co-chair, European Migration Network


"To be a Swedish civil servant in the European migration context"

Marie obtained her Ph.D. with a dissertation on central – local government relations within the migration area at Lund University in 2002. She worked as a lecturer at the Department of Political Science and began working for the Swedish Migration Agency in 2005. Since 2008 she has been working as a national coordinator for the Swedish national as contact point to the European Migration Network (EMN). The EMN provides objective, up-to-date, relevant and comparable information on Migration to Europe by producing studies, responding to ad-hoc queries and analysing the information to make it useful for policy makers both at European and national level. This line of work means quite a lot of travelling, mostly to Brussels but also to other capitals of the EU member states, and professional and personal relations with colleagues from all over Europe.

The lecture will focus first and foremost on what it is like to be a Swedish civil servant in the European migration context and what it takes to cooperate with migration experts from 27 other countries. Secondly what happened within the migration field during 2015 will be discussed together with different priorities at EU and Member state level and how they develop and influence the work of the EMN.

Date: March 27

Time: 14-16

Location: Ed132

To attend this seminar, sign up here no later than March 24.

If you have suggestions or input, please contact shoshana.iten [at] (Shoshana)

April 24: Liesbeth-Marije Hoogland, Disaster Response Coordinator at Dorcas Aid International


"Doing things right or doing the right things? : Quality and learning in disaster response and post-conflict recovery programmes"


Liesbeth-Marije Hoogland (MA International Relations and Humanitarian Action) is a professional in the field of disaster response, post-conflict recovery and development programming in Africa and the Middle East. She has worked  for more than 10 years in the sector and has encountered different challenges, dilemmas and learning opportunities.

The seminar will focus on quality and learning of programmes in complex disaster and post-conflict recovery settings in particular. The seminar starts with a brief overview of quality standards and Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning processes in Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) working in disaster response and recovery. Accordingly,  the use of these standards and processes in practice will be discussed. To what extent are they influenced by donors, tax payers and trends? What role do the so-called beneficiaries of NGO programmes play in these processes? How does the NGO sector learn in dynamic (post-conflict) situations full of dilemmas? (How) do they ensure the people they serve remain the first priority? Liesbeth-Marije will share main learning outcomes from her field experience.  Naturally there will be space for questions about the sector as well as about her personal career and life in the field. 

Venue: House R236

Dat and Time: April 24, 13.15-15

To attend this seminar, sign up here no later than April 22.

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