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Development Practitioner Seminar Series 2014

27 January

Friederike Röder, Director, One, Paris, France

How to achieve policy change? ONE’s approach to advocacy

Friederike Röder earned her degree in political science from Sciences Po Paris and Freie Universität Berlin. Since then, she has worked in development: first within the OECD on good governance and fragile states, then as a technical advisor on the same matters to the German ministry of development cooperation. She then moved to South Africa to work with institutions of the African Union, most notably the Pan-African Parliament. Upon her return to Europe, she joined the Arab Reform Initiative, a think tank working on political reforms in North Africa and the Middle East. Other initiatives she was involved with include the German President’s Initiative for a Partnership with Africa and the European Former Leaders’ Group mediating in the Israel-Palestine conflict. She has been with ONE since April 2011, first as advocacy and policy manager and since November 2013 as director.

10 February

Menno Ettema, Educational Advisor, Council of Europe, Budapest, Hungary

Human Rights Education and Democratic Youth Participation for Change?

Following his Masters in Psychology of Culture and Religion, Menno Ettema moved to the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel. He became involved in various initiatives for dialogue, community engagement and against gender based discrimination. He continued in the field of peace building as the International Coordinator of a network of Youth-led peace organisations active in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latina America.

Since 2010 Menno has worked for the Council of Europe as Educational Advisor. He is responsible for implementing various Human Rights Education (HRE) programmes and projects that aim to promote Democratic Youth Participation (DYP) across Europe. He works with a range of youth organisations, federations and networks, focusing on young refugees, youth from conflict affected regions, youth with disabilities and LGBT youth.

24 February

Katja Sarajeva, Project Officer, Spider, Stockholm

17 March

Henrik Dahlström Wilson, Sustainability Manager, Ikea, Helsingborg

Business driven sustainable development

Sustainable development in business is easy said in theory but harder to manage in practice. The seminar will touch upon the challenges you face as a CSR practitioner in a business environment and try to answer the question on how to be successful in implementing sustainability in daily business.

In his current position Henrik Wilson is responsible for implementing the IKEA sustainability agenda in purchase of non-home furnishing products and services. Henrik has been a CSR practitioner for more than 10 years. Prior to joining IKEA he held the positions as Responsible Sourcing Director at Electrolux and CSR consultant at KPMG.

24 March

Joakim Anger, Consultant

The Role of Consultants in International Development - Personal reflections from 15 years in the business

7 April

Eva Schmitz, Senior Coordinator, Both Ends, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Where Paper Tigers Fight a Complex Reality - dispute settlement in the context of certification schemes

Eva Schmitz is a Policy Advisor and Senior Project Manager for the Dutch development and environmental NGO, Both ENDS. With a specialisation in Latin America, she has been working for the past 8 years in various developmental NGOs. The main focus of her work lies in tackling the social and environmental issues connected to the production of large-scale agricultural commodities such as palm oil, soy and sugar cane. Although also working with certification organisations and round tables, her main efforts go towards supporting local civil society organisations and affected communities in producing countries. Her second field of expertise is young leadership development, as she is also in charge of managing a small-grant fund for young environmental leaders, the JWH Initiative.

22 April (Tuesday!!)

Dreeni Geer, Country Director Uganda, War Child Canada, Kampala/Gulu, Uganda

Dreeni Geer is the Country Director for War Child Canada in Uganda where she leads the implementation of Access to Justice programs for conflict-affected women and children. A lawyer by education, she has worked in International Human Rights and Development for over 15 years in countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Canada and Sweden for local, national and international organizations. Dreeni Geer has written and edited various publications and keynoted community and professional events. As an immigrant to Canada from Guyana residing in Uganda, she is also personally interested in migration, integration and globalization.

5 May - panel on Human Rights Advocacy

Lillian Solheim, Project Manager, Norwegian Helsinki Committee, Oslo, Norway

Anna Innocenti, Advocacy Officer, Human Rights House Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland

Lillian Solheim (1979) holds an MA in International Relations from University of Kent at Brussels and a BA in Comparative Politics from the University of Bergen. She previously worked as a Network and Programme Coordinator at United Network of Young Peacebuilders and has experience from various NGOs and international organisations. She is Project Manager for the EEA financial mechanisms and NGO funds at the Norwegian Helsinki Committee since 2012.

Anna Innocenti has been an International Advocacy Officer at the Human Rights House Foundation since January 2013. She is responsible for advocacy at the United Nations, including the Human Rights Council and the Treaty Bodies System in Geneva and the General Assembly in New York. The geographical area of intervention includes Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the South Caucasus. Prior to this position, Anna has been working from 2007-2011 at the Dutch organization Global Human Rights Defence as a project manager within the field of human rights.

20 May (Tuesday!!) 3-5 pm

Cristiana Conte, Programme Officer Latin America at Plan UK

Promoting women’s rights in international development: opportunities and challenges in supporting women transform their lives

Cristiana Conte holds a BSc in international cooperation at the University of Roma Tre in Italy and an MSc in Development Studies at the London School of Economics in the UK. She has been working in different NGOs in Italy, The Netherlands and England. From 2010 to 2013 she has been a programme manager at Womankind Worldwide, supporting women-led local organisations in Africa and Latin America to work on eliminating violence against women and improving women’s civil political participation. Since 2014 she is working as a Programme Officer at Plan UK, where she is responsible for supporting children and young people’s rights programmes in Central and South America, with a strong focus on protecting the rights of girls

Cristiana will be talking about what it means in practice to work for the promotion of gender equality through a women’s rights based approach in international development. She will talk about the main interventions that she has found to be successful in the field to implement women’s rights projects on VAW and women’s participation, and some of the challenges that are faced by women’s rights organisations. She will describe what is in practice that she does in her daily job to  support the implementation of these projects as a development practitioner. She will then give an overview of her experience getting into the sector, challenges she has encountered, tips about what she thinks is the most helpful and valued in terms of skills needed to pursue this career.

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