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Development Practitioner Seminar Series 2015

Jan 26th 2015

Roderick Besseling, Open Data Coordinator at Cordaid

Title of Presentation: Open Data for International Development.

Roderick Besseling will talk about the need of more transparency and accountability in the international development sector and how Open Data and the International Aid Transparency Initiative have given the impetus for this change. He will share insights on the importance of working with a range of stakeholders when trying to solve complex problems. Roderick will also speak about what skills will be in demand in International Development 3.0.

Roderick has a background in humanitarianism, development and peace building. He has coordinated internaitonal donors and partners and has worked in several post-conflict and fragile-state environments. Roderick is seen as part of the new generation of creative and dynamic project managers who are keen to exploit technology to promote development and social change.

Place: Världen, KEG

If you wish to attend this seminar, please sign up HERE so we can plan accordingly.


Feb 9th 2015

Zara Todd, Disability Equality Consultant/Disability Rights Activist, London

Title of presentation: Working in Disability and Inclusion in Europe

Zara is a disability rights campaigner from the UK who has worked locally, nationally and internationally on disability rights.  Zara has a history of working in inclusive youth participation and frequently runs training sessions for disabled and non-disabled young people on human rights.  She also does work with young disabled people so that they can input into research and policy at local national and European levels. She has recently been involved in shadow reporting for CEDAW and the CRPD. She also recently worked on  a project looking at how the UNCRPD can be implemented in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Lebanon, Jordan and Ukraine.  Zara has previously worked advising the UK government on disability policy. Zara is the Chair of a Deaf and disabled peoples organisation called Inclusion London and a director of a disabled and allied women’s collective called sisters of Frida.

Zara will be talking about her experiences of working at UK, European and international levels in disability and youth. She will explore the challenges and rewards of this field and get the audience to explore their own experiences and what you need to know to get on in this field.

Time: 2-4 pm

Place: House R236 (Gamla Kirurgen)

If you wish to attend this seminar, please sign up HERE so we can plan accordingly.


Feb 23rd 2015

Mr. Joshua Odhiambo Nyamori, Director at Abila Consultants, Kenya

Title of Presentation: Development Governance and Citizens' Participation

The presentation aims at inspiring participants to seriously consider pursuing development governance and policy work, especially in expansion of citizens’ space in the democratization of the developing world. Joshua Nyamori, based in Nairobi, has over 15 years of experience in working on fostering locally and internationally funded inclusive governmental and non-governmental development programmes in Kenya and has a broad range of specializations including governance, advocacy and lobby, resource, mobilization and organization development.

The presentation will focus on the emerging innovations on governance and citizens’ participation in development programmes. It will pay particular attention to a range of emerging innovative development institutional arrangements in Kenya, how these new institutional arrangements are interfacing with traditional state-centred forms of development policy-making. The presentation will show how this new innovative forms of participation are fermenting new state-citizen relationships in Kenya’s democratization process, at grassroots and national levels, and how this has rearticulated, in Kenya’s new constitution, the meaning and space of citizenship and, consequently, the nature of democracy in Kenya’s development policy making framework.

Joshua Nyamori will also lead a workshop on February 24th. Details on the workshop will be posted here in the coming weeks.

Time: 3-5 pm

Place: Världen (KEG, Sölvegatan 10, room 111)

If you wish to attend, please sign up HERE so we can plan accordingly.


March 9th 2015

Sarah Osman, Founder of Osman Advisory Services, Oslo, Norway

Title of presentation: Factors influencing programme implementation in development cooperation

Sarah Osman, born in Sudan, has been working in the development cooperation sector for eight years. She worked in different sectors, including migration and development, sexual and reproductive health and children’s rights. She is currently specialising in business, human rights law and corporate social responsibility.

The objective of Sarah’s talk is to trigger the participants’ thinking on what it is like to work for an NGO. Sarah’s talk will be interactive and will explore the ways in which the day-to-day implementation of development programmes is affected by foreign, national and donor policies. Using examples from her work, Sarah will explore some of the key challenges that NGOs face in delivering services to their target groups.

Time: 2-5 pm

Place: House R236 (Gamla Kirurgen)

If you wish to attend, please sign up HERE so we can plan accordingly.


March 23rd/24th 2015

Mr. Engel Tally, Researcher at FLACSO in Guatemala

Title of Presentation: Qualitative Research in Development Research and Practice

Engel holds master's degree in Philosophy from Universidad Rafael Landivar in Guatemala. In 2011, he obtained his second master's degree from the LUMID programme. He has been research consultant on projects related to social programmes, indigenous peoples and natural resources funded by the EU, the Inter American Development Bank, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFFRI), Sida, GIZ, Transparency International, Population Council, ChildFund International and Agronomist and Veterinaries Without Borders.

March 23rd 2015, 15:15 Världen

Engel will also hold a Nvivo workshop on Mar 24th, 9:00-17.15 (Room 212 at KEG). Nvivo is a qualitative data analysis (QDA) computer software package. There will be a two-hour break 13:00-15:15 (attend the introduction for SIMM23!).

If you wish to attend either of these events, please sign up HERE.


April 7, 2015

Abdihakim Ainte, Policy Advisor for Office of Somalia Diaspora Affairs (ODA) in the ministry of Foreign Affairs, Somalia


Working title of presentation: The role of diaspora in state building, development and business


The seminar will focus on the fast re-emergence of diaspora in Somalia and the optimism this presents for Somali's post-conflict social, economic and political development. Abdihakim will discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the Somali government in devising a policy framework to embrace this new migration-development nexus. He will discuss the role of diaspora groups in post-conflict development and their role as new global emerging actors, the migration and development nexus, and the role of non-traditional donors like Turkey and UAE.

Abdihakim Ainte currently works as policy advisor for the Office of Diaspora Affairs (ODA) in Somalia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Prior to that, he has advised and worked with numerous international organisations in Somalia. He has conducted various studies commissioned by the World Bank, UN, and African Union on a wide range of subjects, including governance, peace and security, humanitarian development, diaspora and education. He holds a degree in Political Science and International Relations. He has published widely on Somalia and is a regular contributor to Royal African Society's multiblogging site, Africa Arguments Online.

Time: 14.15

Place: Världen (KEG, Sölvegatan 10, room 111)

If you wish to attend this event, please sign up here.


April 20th 2015

Ronny Lindström, Senior Business Practices Adviser, Chief Executives Board for Coordination, UN, Geneva

Title of presentation: The UN Development System: Design, Implementation, Coordination, Governance and Change.  

The seminar will briefly describe the UN Development System by looking at how it was originally designed, how it has evolved, including coordination mechanisms and governance structures.  It will also review recent and current change initiatives and look at discussions taking place related to increasing the effectiveness of the UN Development System.

Ronny Lindström is currently working for the United Nations System Chief Executive Board, which supports the internal UN coordination function of  the Secretary General.  In his position he is responsible for the management of a trust fund established to support inter-agency UN reform and harmonization initiatives related to management for the UN system as a whole. Prior to this position, Mr. Lindstrom spent thirteen years with UNFPA (The UN Population Fund) where he held several different positions including being responsible for UN reform issues at UNFPA HQ in New York, he was the Deputy Representative, responsible for programmes and operations, in China, he was a Programme Officer in the Asia and Pacific Division, based in New York, providing support to Country Offices and was a Programme Officer based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, providing support to UNFPA Programmes in all Central Asian Republics.  Prior to joining the UN System, Mr. Lindstrom lived in and worked as a teacher in Japan.  He holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of California where he also lectured at the under-graduate level.  

Time: 14.15-16

Place: House R:236 (Gamla Kirurgen)

If you wish to attend this event, sign up here.


April 29th 2015

Ms. Shivani Khanna, Development and Disaster Risk Reduction expert

Title of presentation: Why all development practitioners need to be at the forefront of climate and disaster risks?


Disasters, including climate-related events, are increasing both in frequency and severity. They impacted communities in both developed and developing nations, undoing past development gains and challenging sustainable development opportunities. Poor, children, elderly and women often suffer the most. This session will focus on the power individual development practitioners have to either reduce or build disaster risk, through (in)action. Shivani Khanna will give practical examples on the opportunities to integrate the climate and disaster risk reduction in sustainable development. She will also share her own 'logical, yet unplanned' professional journey from an entry-level social worker to an international disaster risk reduction consultant.

Shivani has over 14 years of experience in community participation, programme management, and capacity development in disaster risk reduction. Shivani holds a MA in social work and a MSc in disaster management. She has worked in urban and rural contexts in Asia, Africa, Arab states and North America. Among the partners are UN agencies (OCHA, UNICEF, UNDP, CADRI, UNV, ECLAC), World Bank, Sida, MSB, IFRC, ProVention Consortium and the Sphere Project.

If you wish to attend, please sign up here.

Time: 15:30-16:45

Place: Världen, Geocentrum I


May 18th 2015

Greta-Stina Engelbert, Health and Nutrition Expert, Sweden

Title of presentation: Experiences from working with Health and Nutrition in Mozambique.


Greta-Stina Engelbert will talk about her 18 years of experience from Mozambique, where she has been working in food Security Programs with a special focus on Training, Health and Nutrition. She will talk about the challenges and successes while working in different working environments with different organizations, and with special focus on health and nutrition. She will discuss the differences between working in a small and low-budget Swedish NGO responsible for all details in the program, and as a program manager in the American NGO Save the Children. She will also share with students what it is like to be an advisor at the government level and finally to work as an independent consultant.

If you wish to attend, please sign up here.

Time: 14:15- 16:00

Place: R240

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