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Career Seminar Series

Spring term 2016
Spring term 2016 the Faculty of Social Sciences offer a career seminar series for students in the social sciences. We invite guests from different fields to talk about their work, their accomplishments and what they have learned. We hope the seminars will inspire you in your studies as well as your future career.

As a Social Science student your future job market is a varied one, both in terms of work tasks and in the wide range of organizations your studies prepare you to work in. During the Spring semester you will get the chance to meet alumni who work with management of change on the local-, regional and national level. These change makers will give you an idea on how the social scientist can work with and deal with an ever changing world. They will also inspire you on how to achieve and work towards the changes needed in society.


February 18, Sara Lhådö and Helene Brewer, Länsstyrelsen Malmö

The County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen) works to promote gender equality in the county, based on the Swedish Government’s national gender equality policy. Sara Lhådö and Helene Brewer are both gender equality experts but have different career backgrounds. On this seminar, they will share their experiences of working with gender equality issues and how they got there.

April 4, Fernanda Drumond (Gapminder Foundation, Stockholm) & Silja Emmel (Statistics Denmark, Copenhagen), development studies alumni

Panel on the role of statistics in development

Fernanda Drumund works as Project Manager at Gapminder Foundation in Stockholm. Fernanda runs the Dollar Street project, a visual framework for understanding different standards of living within and between countries.Silja Emmel is Head of Section in International Consulting at Statistics Denmark, or as Deputy Project Leader in statistical capacity building projects, where she works in a team responsible for bidding on projects.

April 4th, 15:00 -17:00, Room R240, Building "Gamla kirurgen", Sandgatan 3, Paradise area. To attend this event, sign up here.

April 21, Charlotte Petersson, Institute for Sustainable Urban Development, Malmö University

Charlotte Petersson describes herself as organisational developer, Border Crosser, lecturer, collaboration coordinator, entrepreneur, Action Researcher wannabe. This is how she describes her seminar:  What do you want to know about collaboration? I will happily share some twentyfive years of diverse work experience, from the Staffing company in Malmö, through the small Insurance Broker, the big Hotel in Dubai, the Cosmetics brand, the own Business (within horse-shoes) on to the Academy and different Collaboration Platforms.

April 21, 15.15-17, Room R240, Building "Gamla kirurgen", Sandgatan 3, Paradise area. To attend this event, sign up here.

May 26, "Is Change Possible?" Panel discussion with participants from Swedish NGO's

NB! The panel discussion is held at Eden Auditorium, Paradisgatan 5, Lund

Linn Alenius, Project Ninjas

Project Ninjas is a project that was funded by Allmänna Arvsfonden between 2012-2014.The aim of the project was to educate, inspire and engage students in high school to work with norms, equality and anti-discrimination as well as to increase understanding of human rights and  democracy.

Sara Fallström, IM Individuell Människohjälp

IM is a development organization fighting and exposing poverty and exclusion. IM’s international work focuses on people´s right to education, good health and ability to sustain a life in dignity. All projects are implemented in close collaboration with local partner organizations.

Robin Undall Behrend, Emmaus Fredriksdal

The Emmaus movement began in France 1949 in the aftermath of the second world war. The main idea of the founder Abbé Pierre was that people in need would create welfare for themselves and others by recycling society’s excesses. Emmaus exist today all over the world and has a long tradition in Sweden where they have collected fabrics for over 55 years. The focus has been that through recycling one creates economic excess which can contribute to welfare and that helps create a better society. The work of recycling has positive effects on the environment.

Ellen Gustavsson, Svalorna Lund

Svalorna is a part of the Emmaus Movement. Like Emmaus it is a nonpolitical and non-religious movement whose goal is to help the needy, and thereby promoting justice and peace. A multifaceted business is conducted today by more than 300 groups in 36 different countries. Both Svalorna and Emmaus have in common their work with and for the most vulnerable and poor in society , the causes of exclusion and discrimination . This means that the Emmaus groups work with everything from the refugees and the homeless in Europe to landless and small-scale farmers in Asia , Africa and Latin America. Many groups are engaged in practical work, such as recycling of materials, furniture and clothing.

Joakim Månsson Bengtsson, Crossroads

Crossroads Lund is an umbrella organization and a network of organizations and individuals who want to work for and with vulnerable EU citizens in Lund. Diaconate in the Swedish Church has expanded its activities with a European café at Deaconess Centre “Ugglan”. The non-profit association " Hjälp tiggare i Lund " has opened a shelter with 21 places in Smålands Nation. Holy Spirit Church now has all permits in place to be able to offer overnight stays for 8 overnight guests. In addition to this several private homes have opened their doors to needy EU citizens for longer or shorter time. Crossroads also regularly serve soup and sandwiches to homeless and needy people. They provide the services of interpreters, medical people, lawyers and other professionals to help individuals to connect with the Swedish society.

Venue: Room R236, Gamla Kirurgen, Sandgatan 3, Lund
Time: 15:15

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