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Newsflash No. 9, January 27, 2016

A collection of events, seminars, information and opportunities for master’s students in English that are being held primarily at the Faculty of Social Sciences


News from Graduate School & Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Information meeting: Theory and Methods/ Feb. 1st
  • Development Practitioner Seminar: Daniel Taras/ Feb. 8th
  • Information meeting: Exchange/ Double Degree /Feb. 9th
  • Information meeting: Third term options/Feb. 10th
  • Announcement: Studentservices Lund university and International Desk at Lund University
  • Announcement:Time to apply for summer courses abroad
  • Launching of the Geneva Challenge 2016
  • Lund University welcomes all students, staff and friends to the university's annual celebration/ Jan.29th

External news/events

  • Seminar: Anti-Muslim Violence and the Possibility of Justice/ Jan. 27th
  • UPF Panel Discussion: COP21/ Jan. 27th
  • SASNET seminar on Social Media and Democratic Participation/ Feb. 3rd
  • Pre- conference tutorial on Bayesian inference/ Feb. 4th
  • Conference: Bayes@Lund 2016 / February 5th
  • Cutting Through Water: Towards a Posthuman Theory of Educational Relationality/Feb. 5th
  • Invitation to the second Vice-Chancellor’s Seminar about the new strategic plan/Feb.10th
  • Seminar: Design Workshop for Post-Conflict Sustainability Labs/ Feb. 11th
  • Opportunities: Three doctoral studentships in Political Science
  • Opportunities: Doctoral Students in Economics Lund University
  • Opportunities: Project group to rebuild our website /Feb. 7th



News from Graduate School & Faculty of Social Sciences

All GS students: Theory and Methods information meeting

An opportunity to learn about what methods courses will be available to you, and how to apply. A separate email has been sent out. The meeting will be held at Eden Auditorium, February 1st.


Development Practitioner Seminar series 2016 is running
Next seminar will host Daniel Taras, Director of the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) – Emerging Market sustainability Dialogues (EMSD) Programme, Berlin. Daniel Taras will illustrate on the basis of his past and current work how western donors are redefining their approach to cooperating with and in emerging economies. In doing so, he will provide practical insights on how he and his global team set up the Economic Policy Forum (, a platform of leading political economy think tanks, which jointly produce policy recommendations for global governance processes, such as the BRICS summit, the G20, or the climate change negotiations.

"Global governance and emerging economies - new avenues of cooperation"
Venue: Geocentrum I, Sölvegatan 10, Room 128 “Flygeln”,  Feb. 8th, 15-17
To attend this event, sign up here.

The full DPS program is available on our website:


Information Meeting: Exchange/ Double Degree
First year students are welcome to attend this information meeting on exchange possibilities.
You will also learn more about the Double Degree.
Venue: R236, Graduate school, Feb. 9th, 13-14


Information Meeting: Third term options
First year students are welcome to attend the information meeting on your third term options.
Learn more about the internship option
Venue: Eden Auditorium, Feb. 10th, 13-15


Announcement: Student services Lund university and International Desk at Lund University

Hi! Did you know that the Facebook pages "Studentservices Lund universitet" and "International Desk at Lund University" are made for you, as a current student at Lund University?

The Facebook page Studentservices is managed by the Student Reception, Career Information, StiL, Study support and Advicing services and is primarily aimed to Swedish students at Lund. This page provides information in Swedish, mainly about activities and events for students.

The Facebook page International Desk is managed by the Student Reception (International Desk) and is primarily aimed to international students at Lund University. This page provides information in English, mainly about activities and events for students and highlights Swedish holidays.

You are welcome to  ask questions to the Student Reception. For more information click links below: 

Follow us on Facebook!


Time to apply for summer courses abroad

Are you thinking of going abroad this summer? Application period are now opened from 25th of January till 8th of  February 2016. Read more about summer courses abroad here: 


Launching of the Geneva Challenge 2016

The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies is proud to announce the 2016 edition of the Geneva Challenge - the Advancing Development Goals international Contest for graduate students. This year students are invited to develop analysis-based proposals on "The Challenges of Urbanization".

The competition invites teams of 3-5 master students to:

  • Identify a challenge stemming from urbanization;

  • Construct an interdisciplinary analysis on how it affects different aspects of development in a specific (but transposable) context;

  • Propose innovation at the policy, practice, process or technology levels turning the challenge into development opportunity. The finalists will be invited to publically present their work in Geneva before a panel of high-level experts. Networking and publication opportunities are also envisioned as part of the prize package.

For more information on 


Lund University welcomes all students, staff and friends to the university's annual celebration

The event brings together students, staff and members from different departments of Lund University.

There will be lectures, music and refreshment. No registration required.

You are welcome to attend.

Date: 29th January, 2016

Time: 16:00 prompt

Location: Universitetsaulan

For more information click here


External News


Seminar: Anti-Muslim Violence and the Possibility of Justice

Marta Kolankiewicz, PhD, Department of Sociology, Lund University, will hold a seminar based on her PhD thesis entitled: “Anti-Muslim Violence and the Possibility of Justice”

Date:27th January, 2016

Time:13:15- 16:15

Location: Allhelgona Kyrkogata 14 M, 223 62 Lund, Hus M, vån. 3, Room M331

For more information, please click here.


UPF Panel Discussion: COP21

Did COP21 save the world? The weeks leading up to the international climate conference COP21, everyone was a climate activist. We discussed whether the goal temperature was too low, how the responsibility should be divided and if the conference would actually have an impact on the looming threat to our planet.

Now, two months into the implementation, UPF Lund welcomes you to a panel discussion on the results of COP21.

Date and Time: 27th January,2016


Venue: Café Athen

For  more information about the event and speaker click here: 



Seminar: SASNET seminar on Social Media and Democratic Participation

Dr. M.S Harikumar from the Department of Communication and Journalism at University of Kerala, India, holds a SASNET lecture at Lund University. The seminar, organised in collaboration with the Department of Communication and Media at Lund University, is entitled ”Social Media and Democratic Participation: An Indian Experience”. Venue: Fakultetsklubben at the Centre for Languages and Literature (SOL), Helgonabacken, Lund.

Date:3rd February, 2016

Time: 13:15- 15:00

Location: Fakultetsklubben at the Centre for Languages and Literature (SOL), Helgonabacken

For more information, please click here.


Pre-conference tutorial on Bayesian inference

A tutorial seminar on Bayesian inference as an introduction to the Bayes@Lund 2016-conference.

The day before the Bayes@Lund conference there will be a tutorial seminar on Bayesian inference by Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, a great opportunity to learn or brush up the basics of Bayes!

Date: 4th February, 2016.

Time: 13:30 - 16:00, including break.

Location: Room B152 in the Lux building, Lund University

To sign up for the tutorial please use the Conference registration form at the conference webpage. Note that the number of spaces available on the tutorial is limited.

For more information, please click here.

Contact: ullrika.sahlin [at]


Conference: Bayes@Lund 2016

Welcome to a Mini-conference on Bayesian Methods at Lund University

Researchers and students are welcome to participate in the third edition of Bayes@Lund! The purpose of this conference is to bring together researchers working with or interested in Bayesian methods. Bayes@Lund aims at being accessible to researchers with little experience of Bayesian methods while still being relevant to experienced practitioners.

We have now finalized the program for Bayes@Lund 2016 and are happy to present a diverse program featuring presenters both from Lund and internationally. The program caters both to persons with experience using Bayesian methods andpersons interested in what the Bayesian paradigm has to offer.

The conference is free to attend but we ask you to register in advance here.

Please see the conference web page.

Date: 5th February, 2016

Time: 12:15- 16:30

Location: Room LUX:C121 in the Lux building, Helgonavägen 3, Lund University

Contact: ullrika.sahlin [at]


Cutting Through Water: Towards a Posthuman Theory of Educational Relationality

Based on an ongoing debate—academic as well as public—regarding the roles of the teacher and the student in education, this thesis explores educational relations within the field of philosophy of education. After critically examining intersubjective approaches to theories of educational relations, the author localized anthropocentrism and subject-centrism (teacher/student) as two problematic aspects of the aforementioned approaches. These aspects are deeply connected with various humanistic ideas. Instead, the author turned to post-human philosophy and more specifically, proposed post-anthropocentrism and intra-relationality as a theoretical framework.

The main contribution of the thesis is introducing and developing a post-human theory of educational relations, which is called educational relationality.

Date: 5th February, 2016

Time:  13:15 prompt

Location: Palaestra nedre sal, Paradisgatan 4, Lund

For more information click here 


Experience exciting and interactive experiments and shows in Water Hall (Vattenhallen)

Open to the public - Saturday and Sunday

Date: 6th February, 2016

Time:  12:00- 17:00

Location: Vattenhallen Science Center, John Ericssons väg 1, Lund

For more information click here 


Invitation to the second Vice-Chancellor’s Seminar about the new strategic plan

Welcome to the second Vice-Chancellor’s Seminar about the new strategic plan. Following the first seminar in November, this time it will be held in English.

The new strategic plan will take effect in 2017 and be valid for 10 years. It will become the University’s single most important policy document for the next decade and it is therefore very important that many of us are involved in drawing up the plan.

The issues that we will discuss at the seminar include: What are the main challenges for LU? What do you want LU to be in 10 years? How will we get there? Your perceptions and views on these issues are important and will play a part in the design of the strategic plan.

Date:10th February, 2016

Time:13:00- 15:00

Location: Main University Building

For more information please click here:


Seminar: Design Workshop for Post-Conflict Sustainability Labs

The purpose of the workshop is to explore and discuss roles for higher education institutions to contribute to addressing the current migration challenges through providing spaces for innovation and visioning of post conflict & Sustainable rebuilding of distant homes while at the same time engaging and building capacities among the community of displaced scholars and students.

For more information, please click here.

Date:11th February, 2016

Time:09:00- 15:00

Location: the IIIEE Aula, Tegnérsplatsen 4, Lund

To take part, please contact: tareq.emtairah [at]


Seminar: The Legislative Bodies and the Law-making Process in Uzbekistan: a socio-legal analysis with Dr. Shukhrat Rakhmanov, Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of World Economy and Diplomacy (Uzbekistan)

Date: 17th February, 2016

Time:13:30- 16:30

Location: Allhelgona Kyrkogata 14 M, 223 62 Lund, Hus M, vån. 3, Room M331.




Three doctoral studentships in Political Science at Lund University Department of Political Science

The Faculty of Social Sciences at Lund University is one of the leading education and research institutions in Sweden and operates both in Lund and Helsingborg.

The Department of Political Science fuses traditional roots with cutting-edge research and education. In recent years, it has very successfully competed for external research funds. Among the central research areas of the Department are democratization, diplomacy, peace and conflict studies, environmental politics and welfare studies. The strong research profile of the Department is reflected in the teaching, the educational environment also being firmly set in a global context.


The PhD programme consists of 240 credits (equivalent to four years of full-time studies) and is concluded with the public defence of a doctoral thesis. The appointed doctoral students will receive a salary from the University during four years, and their primary obligation is to complete their PhD studies. The position may involve departmental duties, mainly in the form of teaching, up to 20 per cent of full time working hours, in which case the appointment will be extended by the equivalent number of hours. The doctoral student will have access to a work space at the Department of Political Science. The terms of employment for doctoral students are regulated in the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance (HF), Chapter 5, Sections 1– 7.

The doctoral student shall be present and actively participate in the research and teaching environment at the department. The main language of the PhD programme is English. However, non-Swedish speaking students are expected to acquire basic skills in Swedish during the period of employment. There are opportunities to participate in language courses taught at the University. The doctoral studentship will commence on 1 September 2016.


The requirements for admission to third cycle courses and study programmes (in accordance with HF, Chapter 7, Section 35) are that the applicant meets the general and specific entry requirements that the higher education institution may have laid down, and is considered in other respects to have the ability required to benefit from the course or study programme (Swedish Code of Statutes 2010:1064).

A person meets the general entry requirements for third cycle courses and study programmes if he or she:

- has been awarded a second cycle qualification,

- has satisfied the requirements for courses comprising at least 240 credits of which at least 60 credits were awarded in the second cycle, or

- has acquired substantially equivalent knowledge in some other way in Sweden or abroad.

Specific entry requirements:

In addition to the general entry requirements, the applicant must have completed at least 30 second cycle credits within the main field of political science, or acquired the equivalent knowledge in Sweden or abroad. The applicant must also have completed a Master’s degree project of at least 15 credits in Political Science or other discipline deemed equivalent.

For more information click here 


Doctoral Students in Economics Lund University

Lund University was founded in 1666 and for a number of years has been ranked among the world’s top 100 universities. The University has 42 000 students and more than 7 500 staff based in Lund, Helsingborg and Malmö. We are united in our efforts to understand, explain and improve our world and the human condition.

Lund University School of Economics and Management is one of eight faculties within Lund University. More than 4 000 students and 450 researchers, teachers and other staff are engaged here in training and research in economic history, business administration, business law, informatics, economics, statistics and research policy.

These positions are for a PhD degree, which implies that the total time of employment may not exceed four years of full time study at the postgraduate level. The exact number of positions that are available has not yet been decided. During recent years the Department has financed four to six new PhD students each year.

Job Assignments

The holders of these positions have a primary obligation to successfully fulfil their postgraduate (third cycle) education ending with a doctoral degree (PhD). A position as doctoral student can contain some limited teaching or other departmental work at the Department of Economics. The maximum amount of such work is 20%.

Eligibility/Entry Requirements

An applicant has basic eligibility for third cycle studies if he or she:1. has been awarded a second cycle degree, 2. has completed course requirements of at least 240 higher education credits, including at least 60 credits at second cycle level, or 3. has acquired the equivalent knowledge in some other way, either in Sweden or abroad (Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 7, Section 39).

For more information click here:


Project group to rebuild the website

Are you interested in designing the website of one of Lund’s biggest student organizations? Do you have an interest in web design? It’s time for to get a face-lift! We’re searching for a handful of people who will be rebuilding our website during the spring semester. You will have support from the PR-team and work closely with the board. We’re looking for people with an interest in web design/coding but experience in the field is not mandatory.

If you’re interested, send a short application explaining why you would be perfect for the assignment to pr [at] The deadline for application is on the 7th of February. If you have any questions about the project, feel free to send them to pr [at]



If you have events or information that you would like to include in this newsflash, please contact master [at]


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