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How to get in touch with the staff at Graduate School

+46 46 222 09 18

Director of Studies                                                                                                                          
Mikael Sundström cropped2

Mikael Sundström  

E-mail: mikael.sundstrom [at]






Milan B pic

Programme Coordinator

Milan Burke

Phone: 046-222 48 83 E-mail: master [at]

Visiting hours: Through LiveatLund or by email.






Shoshana Iten, programme coordinator at Graduate School

Programme Coordinator

Shoshana Iten

Phone: 046-222 49 83 E-mail: shoshana.iten [at]

Visiting hours: Through LiveatLund or by email.




Study Advisors

Pal Olsson

Phone: 046-222 31 30 E-mail: pal.olsson [at] ">pal.olsson [at]

Visiting hours: Through LiveatLund or by email.

Helena Falk
Helena Falk cropped

Phone: 046-222 31 30 E-mail: helena.falk [at]

Visiting hours: Through LiveatLund or by email.







Katarina Follin, International coordinator at the faculty of Social Sciences

International Coordinator

Katarina Follin

(Questions about exchange studies/studies abroad)

Phone: 046-222 72 04 E-mail: Katarina.Follin [at]

Visiting hours: Tuesday 11-12 am, or on request. E-mail for an appointment.





Program Director - Development Studies

Karin Steen 2

Karin Steen

Phone:  E-mail: karin.steen [at]

E-mail for an appointment.

More about Karin Steen as Programme Director can be read here.




rebecca bild 2016

Program Director - Social Studies of Gender 

Rebecca Selberg

Phone: 046-222 09 18 E-mail:rebecca.selberg [at]

E-mail for an appointment.





Program Director - Global Studies

Annika Bergman Rosamond

Phone: 046-222 46 91 E-mail: Annika.Bergman_Rosamond [at]

E-mail for an appointment.

More about Annika Bergman Rosamond as Programme Director can be read here.






Methods Director                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Swader cropped

Chris Swader

Phone: E-mail: christopher.swader [at]





Staff on leave of absence


Jeanette Nordström
Study Advisor
Phone: 046-222 31 30 E-mail: master [at]

Contact us

Email: master [at]

Phone: +46-(0)46-222 48 83, +46-(0)46-222 31 30

Postal Address:
Programme Administrator
Graduate School
Faculty of Social Sciences
Lund University, Box 117
221 00 Lund, Sweden

Visiting Address:
"Gamla Kirurgen"
Sandgatan 3, Lund

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Gamla Kirurgen

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Appointments with staff

You can contact any of the following for questions regarding applying for courses, transcripts, proof of registration, acceptance requirements, and extension of visa. You can book an appointment with us directly through Live@Lund.

  • Helena Falk: internships, thesis, study advisor
  • Milan Burke: applying for courses, admission, introduction, graduation
  • Shoshana Iten: schedules, LiveatLund, DPS, Development Career Day

You can also email us individually for an appointment. You can find us on the 2nd floor in the building "Gamla Kirurgen", room 235, by the student reception desk.

Student Reception Desk

At the Student Reception desk you can get an official transcript, certificate of registration, pick up graded assignments and general information. The student desk is normally open:

  • Monday 10-13
  • Wednesday 10-13

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Faculty Office
Sandgatan 3
221 00 Lund